Our Brands

Ale is a premium cycling apparel company based in the foothills of Verona with over 37 years experience in manufcaturing cycling apparel for the highest performers.

Vision is the brand to beat, leading the way in time trials and triathlon by creating slippery-fast aero products with proper fit adjustment that allow the rider to push their limits in race conditions.

De Rosa is one of the most well-known and appreciated bike brands in the world. A family-owned and operated company with a passion for artisanal production methods and innovation and a love for beauty and design.  De Rosa continue to build every model by hand - aluminium, steel, titanium and carbon fibre.

Our range of sport glasses are perfect for cycling. when you want protection against sunlight, wind or rain.

The result of years of research, the precise blend of technical fibers and distinctive weaving stitch ideally come together to create a fabric designed to help athletes attain a level of comfort never before experienced during their sports activities.

DMT is born out of the passion for the art of cycling footwear. A full range of high quality shoes for road cycling, mtb, track, triathlon.

Best looking, feeling and fitting kit i’ve ever bought. Looks very durable. Time will tell. Highly recommended.

— Gary W.

Really happy with the gear and the service. Everything I've bought has been top notch and will continue shopping with them in the future.

— Daniel F

This is the second pair that I've bought and I don't think I could wear any other brand now. Nice snug fit, very comfortable on longer rides. No saddle soreness!

— Jim F